Tower Site Lease Agreement

Mobile home rental contracts are especially popular in densely populated places, such as cities, busy suburbs, or other sites that need high-bandwidth capacity. Many large buildings (think small skyscrapers) now use roof leases for additional revenue, and as capacity needs continue, it is likely that the number of roof leases will continue to increase. Typically, mobile operators and tower companies need approximately 100` x 100` available space for a mobile mast rental contract; However, in some cases, mobile operators can operate with a space of only 300 square feet of total area. Most wireless rentals fit the mobile mast lease agreement at first, but over the years they are no longer compliant. This is to the detriment of property owners. If you would like your mobile mast rental agreement to be reviewed for a possible increase in rental negotiations, we are happy to check your lease free of charge. There is no risk. No fees. In some situations, mobile operators will not consider the implementation of a mobile phone mast at all, but only the use of a small cell associated with a dark fiber optic network.

While small Cell Leases can still be well paid, the typical amount is far less than what property owners would receive for an entire traditional mobile phone mast. Due to our extensive daily schedules, it can be difficult to predict the time required for the appropriate research to assess the economic value of a mobile phone tower or rooftop antenna site. In mobile mast rental negotiations, the party almost always has the advantage of accessing the most complete data. In most cases, it is the Tower company or the mobile operator that is at the origin of the lease. They know if there are other properties nearby that are working for their purposes. You know what the average leasing rate is for certain markets. And they know what landowners usually accept and what they don`t. The carrier or Tower Company often plays one landowner against the other to negotiate the cheapest lease. In some cases, they even pretend to negotiate with another owner when they are actually only negotiating with you. We know the leases and we negotiate them well on behalf of our clients.

Trust CellWaves. There are different types of mobile phone mast rental contracts that you should pay attention to, and each of them is worth a different amount of rental fees for property owners. .

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