Sigma 150 Agreement

With the “Buy Now Pay Later” option without deposit, you pay nothing for six months if you spend £250 or more, then pay the price in cash by paying a billing fee of £29.00, or spread the fee over 36 months at 19.9% REPRESENTATIVE. Call us to place your order and you can also make a partial payment, the interest calculated is based on the balance. Please see the sample refund below to see how much it would cost to purchase this item on financing. Hyper Sonic Motor Autofokus System. Offers fast and quiet operation in a variety of recording situations. Manual autofocus/focus also has a manual over-control position that allows for full-time manual focus for quick focus. As part of the Sigma Global Vision series, this lens is compatible with the sigma USB Dock for Nikon. † as soon as your application has been accepted, usually within minutes, we ship your equipment immediately. Works perfectly for photographing wild animals, especially kissing. Sharp images. Works perfectly with Nikon D7100 camera….

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