Non Compete Clause Commercial Agreement

A non-compete clause is a kind of restrictive contract used to prevent employees from setting up competing companies or working for direct competitors after terminating their position. In this case, complainant Yannick Payette and his partner sold the assets of their crane rental business to the respondent, Guay Inc. During the transition period, the complainants agreed to work as consultants for the respondent company for a period of six months. The contract for the sale of assets contained both prohibitions on competition and prohibitions on debauchery. After the dismissal of Payette de Guay Inc., he was hired as chief operating officer at a competing company, Mammoet Crane Inc. The use of these clauses is based on the possibility for an employee to work for a competitor or to create a business after his dismissal or dismissal and to create a competitive advantage by taking advantage of confidential information about the business activities or trade secrets of his former employer or sensitive information such as customer / customer lists, business practices, upcoming products. and marketing plans. Non-competition is a contractual clause that is present in many commercial agreements, most often in the employment relationship. These terms are restrictive agreements to restrict the trade, profession, or location of a new business or job that you accept when you leave your current role. .

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