About Campbell Insurance Consulting

Jim Campbell

Founder Jim Campbell has over 30 years of experience in the P&C insurance industry providing analytical solutions and creating/managing multiple product lines across several states. Having a diverse background in insurance, analytics and information management has allowed him to understand the business need and craft innovative and practical solutions that deliver a high ROI.

Mr. Campbell has held industry positions as Actuary Analyst, Product Manager and Vice President with exposure to Non-Standard Auto, Specialty Property and Homeowner product lines in both Cat and Non-Cat markets.  His consulting experience has provided him with the opportunity to deliver solutions to all levels of the insurance lifecycle, spanning from the independent agency to the reinsurer.

Campbell Insurance Consulting’s core competencies focuses on delivering solutions that leverage analytical skills and insurance knowledge, with an emphasis on Catastrophe analysis and Product decision support systems. 

inflection-pointWhat’s the meaning behind the “Inflection Point” logo?   Andy Grove, Intel’s co-founder described a strategic inflection point as “an event that changes the way we think and act.”  In every consulting engagement, we strive to have a positive impact on the organization and take them to new heights.  We feel this is best represented as an inflection point in time where a company choses to capitalize on our services and begin to move in a new direction.